now offering a full array of hair services and body waxing! A one stop shop for all your skin, lash and hair needs! You don’t want to look dull, so why go somewhere boring for your beauty services? come early to your appointment, or stay late for a seasonal beverage and treat!

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We offer hair, lash + skincare services; from facials to peels, waxing, lash extensions, makeup, hair color featuring pulp riot, educational classes, and all natural organic sunless tanning; all in a fun and inviting environment!

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What Is Sunless Tanning?

Sunless Tanning uses a derivative from sugar cane, called DHA. Your body naturally reacts from this agent to darken your skin. It does not dye your skin. When using a product such as ours, Aviva Labs, with no added ingredients,  your result is a beautiful even bronze, and never orange!


Why The Beauty Bar?

We believe that beauty should be fun and judgement free! It's our belief that everyone deserves to look as beautiful on the outside, as they feel on the inside, and not have to break the bank to do so!


"admire someone else's beauty, without questioning your own" -unknown